School of Athens

About the Club

The West Valley Philosophy Department actively supports its Philosophy Club, which meets approximately twice a month during the academic year to hear lectures and discuss a wide range of philosophical issues. All Philosophy Club meetings are free and all interested persons are welcome; you don't have to be a WVC Philosophy student. Each semester we pick a theme and each meeting features a lecture and discussion of some aspect of that theme. Past themes include explorations into "Aesthetics," "The Philosophy of the Person," "Women and Philosophy," "Utopias and Dystopias," and "Madness, Mental Health, and Philosophy."

In addition to the regular themed meetings, the West Valley Philosophy Club has also staged musical charity events, managed theatrical productions, presented defining films, published their own magazine entitled "The Gadfly," and regularly hosted a lecture series featuring world-famous speakers. The Speakers series features one or two speakers each semester who are invited to present on an issue to the club and anyone else interested in attending. Information about past speakers can be found on the "Guest Speakers" page, which includes information about lectures given by world-famous philosophers such as Richard Rorty, Hubert Dreyfus, John Searle, and Dagfinn Follesdal just to name a few. Also, be sure to regularly check out the "Upcoming Events" page, which provides detailed information about upcoming speakers and other events hosted by the WVC Philosophy club.

Be sure not to miss checking out the long-awaited and highly sought-after A-E lists comprising retired professor extraordinare Don Ciraulo's recommendations on Philosophy, Social Critique, General Reading, Novels, Plays, and Music. Enjoy!